Discover the Future of TV live at CES.

NEXTGEN TV is featured in booths all across the conference.

NEXTGEN TV is a free, over-the-air service that delivers stunning video, cinema-quality sound, and interactive content to get the most out of live sports, news, and events. NEXTGEN TV is designed to be upgradeable with the advancements of tomorrow.

NEXTGEN TV is now live in more than 40 markets, covering 45% of the U.S. population. By the summer of 2022, it will cover 75%.

Brilliant Video – Immerse yourself in stunning color, sharpness, and contrast that brings what you’re watching to life in your living room.

Enhanced Audio – Hear dialogue more clearly, experience movie theater-quality sound, and get consistent channel-to-channel volume with the Dolby Audio System for NEXTGEN TV and Voice +.

Connected Content – Interact with real-time, experiential content from live sports, events, and news.

Upgradeable Technology – Get the latest features as they’re released for upgradeable home entertainment.


Follow this guide to see how leading brands are using NEXTGEN TV to deliver unlimited possibilities.

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