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Elevate your TV viewing experience like never before.

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NEXTGEN TV and get more TV.

Take a closer look at all the interactive, built-in features that make your favorite over-the-air shows, news and live events even more entertaining.

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Check this website for certified products that also include security verification, for the best possible entertainment experience.


NEXTGEN TV is a free, over-the-air service available to viewers with an antenna in most major markets. All you need is a NEXTGEN TV and an HD antenna, and you can watch a wide variety of broadcast channels at no charge.

TV that automatically upgrades

When you purchase a NEXTGEN-enabled TV, its built-in technology adapts as new features become available, so your TV will keep improving over time.

Immerse yourself in entertainment

NEXTGEN TV delivers 4K HDR ultra-high-definition video and movie theater-quality audio to bring what you’re watching to life in your living room.

Go beyond simply watching

From enhanced content and personalized recommendations to an advanced TV guide, NEXTGEN TV gives you the technology to not just watch, but also engage and interact with your entertainment.

Choose from top TV tech brands

Hisense, LG, Samsung and Sony are already offering more than 100 NEXTGEN TV models now through many retail channels!

Look for the certification logo on the box and at retail!

Upgrade your current TV with a NEXTGEN upgrade accessory

NEXTGEN TV is now available with certified upgrade accessories that can bring the improved audio and video experience of next-generation broadcasting to any home television.

Tune Into NEXTGEN TV with the Zinwell NEXTGEN TV Box!

Experience the future of television with the Zinwell NEXTGEN TV Box, designed to seamlessly deliver NEXTGEN TV signals with just an antenna for over-the-air channels.


Channel Master + Zinwell:
Your Over-the-Air
Television Solution!

Now available exclusively through Channel Master (a trusted TV reception resource for 75 years), antenna users can purchase the Zinwell NEXTGEN TV Box to experience NEXTGEN TV. 

Elevate Your Viewing Experience with Zinwell NEXTGEN TV Box

Transform your TV experience with the Zinwell NEXTGEN TV Box paired with a high-quality Channel Master antenna! Designed to deliver the high-quality broadcast TV signals, you can immerse yourself in spectacular High Dynamic Range video and the Dolby Audio System for an unparalleled entertainment experience. 

Access NEXTGEN TV Without Internet!

The Zinwell NEXTGEN TV Box stands out as the first NEXTGEN TV-certified solution capable of accessing NEXTGEN TV channels and tuning local ATSC 3.0 channels without an internet connection.

Easy to use. Interactive. Personal.

Explore the features that make NEXTGEN TV a must-have.

Shop Comfortably

Shop comfortably

Explore special deals from the comfort of your couch with local branded offers.

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Personalized Audio

Personalized audio

Enjoy the flexibility of easily changing language or selecting other audio tracks to give you the experience you want.

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Enhanced emergency and breaking news

Enhanced emergency and breaking news

Go beyond the basics with pictures, evacuation plans, location details and more, so you can stay alert.

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Ultra-modern viewer’s guide

Ultra-modern viewer’s guide

Explore interactive features all while watching live programming, so you never miss a moment.

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Customized entertainment

Customized entertainment

Get personalized recommendations for a viewing experience that’s tailored to you.

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More of what you love

More of what you love

Dive deeper into your favorite shows with bonus program content, behind-the-scenes interviews, recipes, sports stats and more.

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Localized content

Localized content

Get neighborhood-specific news, weather and special event information for a hyperlocal POV.

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