NEXTGEN TV—setting a new standard in over-the-air television

Interactive, Immersive, Personalized

NEXTGEN TV transforms free broadcast content into an interactive opportunity to engage with your favorite shows, news, sports and live events like never before. Get access to deep dives and bonus content, more informative emergency alerts and a viewer’s guide you can personalize.


Go from “What?” to “Wow”

If you’re tired of missing crucial TV moments because you can’t hear what’s being said, help has arrived. With Voice +, dialogue gets boosted, so background noise never steals the scene and the drama stays where it belongs—in your shows, not in your living room.

Bring interactive broadcast TV home today

Entertainment that blows your mind, Not your eardrums

NEXTGEN TV eliminates excessive volume changes between shows and channels for a pleasant, uniform sound experience.


Details for days

See every bead of sweat on a performer’s brow. Watch the blades of grass give under the feet of your favorite team. 4K HDR ultra high-definition video with brilliant colors gives you a sharper picture with a wider range of contrast for next-level clarity in your content.

So easy to get. So, why wait?