Upgrade your TV with NEXTGEN accessories


Upgrade your current TV with NEXTGEN accessories

NEXTGEN TV is now available with certified Upgrade Accessory Receivers that can bring the improved audio and video experience of next-generation broadcasting to any home television.

Small receivers will come in various shapes and sizes, starting initially as receivers than can connect to an over-the-air antenna and a television via HDMI connections.  Some Upgrade Accessory Receivers may connect via USB port to an existing TV that doesn’t already have built-in NEXTGEN TV electronics.

Products with the certification logo are designed to properly receive and display NEXTGEN TV content, and we encourage consumers to look for the certification mark when purchasing new equipment.

If you have a concern about the capabilities of your receiver, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly.

Zinwell Devices now Certified



Zinwell’s ZAT series is certified as NEXTGEN TV upgrade accessory receiver products powered by ATSC 3.0 technology. All models have features include 4K HDR Video, Dolby AC-4 Audio, Emergency Alerting System, Remote Learning Application.

Five Devices Coming This Year

Five Devices Coming This Year

ZAT-600B: Entry level model with all of the above features.

ZAT-6000: Premium gateway for streaming to client devices

ZAT-600D: Small form factor dongle-sized model

ZAT-6000L: Premium gateway for streaming to client devices with 4G LTE functionality

ZAT-600E: Self-Powered during Power Outages and with Emergency Alerting from Built-in Speaker without Turning on the TV